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Exam Stage 4 - Group Discussion

xLayer HR

Discussion means exchanging ideas between two or more than two people, which is generally a face-to-face interaction. It is a process of talking between people to reach a specific decision. It is also defined as a conversation about a specific topic.
The result or end product of group discussion can be a particular decision, enhanced knowledge, actions, an argument, doubt-clearing, disagreement, etc.

GD is used to test the soft skills of the candidates. It is used as a quick method to shortlist a few candidates from the massive strength. The written exam tests the knowledge and aptitude. Organizations check the social skills, technical, and communication skills so that a candidate can work effectively without any obstacle in between his/her skills.

Topics for group discussions:

1. What is Agnipaath and AgniVeer?
2. Work From Home – Advantages and Disadvantages
3. Digital India
4. Advantages of Social Media for Businesses
5. Women in Workplace
6. Cashless Economy: Is India ready for it?
7. COVID 19 and Economic Slowdown
8. The Future of work
9. Electrical Vehicles in India
10. Smart City Projects
11. Borderless World
12. Nuclear or Joint Family
13. Black Money in India
14. Digital payments in India
15. Unemployment in India
16. Metaverse
17. Web 3.0
18. Android vs iOS – which is better?